GraceFamily Church

Super Church


Typically PreK-5th but we are flexible on age rangers depending on each child.


We have Super Church during the adult service in the Chapel – east building with steeple. We do not have Super Church on Family Sunday which is held the 1st Sunday of every month

Drop off begins @ 9:45am


Our Vision is to develop strong Christians that will do great things for God beginning at a young age!

We use Super Church Curriculum to help children develop the following skills:

1. Having a real relationship with Jesus.

2. Reading and understanding the Bible.

3. Knowing how to pray and get answers to their prayers.

4. Having strong Christian friends and wanting to come to church.

5. Being passionate about worshipping Christ.

6. Experiencing the love of our Father and walking in love with others.

7. Knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit and wanting to obey Him.

8. Wanting to reach the lost and knowing how to pray the prayer of salvation.

9. Making wise choices based on God’s word.

10. Using their gifts to serve in the church ministry.

Our Mission

To glorify God by bringing others to Christ, equipping them to live a successful Christian life, inspiring them to fulfill their destiny, and influence the world for the kingdom of God.